Unlocking Efficiency and Versatility: Exploring the Cummins Diesel Engine Dual Fuel Kit

“Unlocking Efficiency and Versatility: Exploring the Cummins Diesel Engine Dual Fuel Kit” Introduction: In recent years, the demand for alternative fuel solutions in the automotive industry has been on the rise. Among the various options available, dual fuel systems have gained significant attention for their ability to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. In this…

Cummins Dual Fuel Kit

Take a Deep Breath! Palsvam Proudly Delivers the Powergen Dual Fuel Conversion Kit

Recently, the increasing concern for environmental sustainability and the push towards cleaner energy sources has led to various regulations and policies targeting the use of diesel generators. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that rely on diesel generators for their power needs have faced challenges due to these regulations, which could permanently cease diesel generator operations….

Cummins RECD Technolgy

The Game-Changer in Emission Control for Cummins Genset Users

FILTERLESS RECD TECHNOLOGY: PAL SVAM Power Solutions Private Limited, an authorized dealer of Cummins India Limited (Distribution Business Unit), has recently added an innovative product – Retrofit Emission Control Device (RECD) for Cummins Genset users. RECD is a filterless device based on Electrostatic Precipitation fundamentals, designed to improve air quality by capturing Particulate Matter (PM)…

Cummins Genuine Parts Supplier - Palsvam

Maximizing Uptime: The Power of Genuine Cummins Parts and Trusted Dealer Network

When it comes to repairing and maintaining your Cummins engine, it’s essential to use only genuine parts to ensure maximum uptime and longevity. Palsvam, an authorized dealer for Cummins Genuine Parts in India, is committed to providing customers with quality parts at the right place and time. With their best-in-class nationwide network of authorized dealers,…


Introducing The New Lithium-Ion Battery: The Most Powerful Backup Solution Yet!

Lithium-ion batteries are among the most innovative and powerful backup solutions on the market today. An evolution of other rechargeable battery technologies like the nickel-metal hydride battery, they offer up to 25% more energy and longer lifespans than their predecessors. That’s why Palsvam is pleased to introduce the new Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery, an advanced…