3 Reasons Why You Need Genuine Cummins Parts for Your Engines

Anyone who owns or operates Cummins engines knows the importance of having genuine Cummins parts. While generic ones may seem like they do, local parts have potential to harm your engine and even cause it to break down altogether. Cummins engine parts are crucial if you want your Cummins engines to operate at their peak potential and power without any problems whatsoever.

Here are six reasons why genuine Cummins engine parts are worth it and should be used on your Cummins engines to keep them performing at their best at all times!


The first benefit of using genuine parts is that they are more efficient than their generic counterparts. Generic-parts do not have the best fit, which can lead to overheating and wear and tear on the engine. Because of this, you need to get it repaired more often than you would have otherwise. Genuine parts also last longer and work better because they have been designed specifically for your engine model and year. They are made from higher-quality materials that don’t let them break or crack as easily as cheaper alternatives.



Genuine Cummins parts are dependable & proven while non-genuine ones are not. Cummins parts undergo umpteen hours of bench test and millions of hours in field testing to ensure durability & reliability. Even if a non-original part appears to fit your Cummins engine, there is no assurance that it will perform at its best. Others attempt to copy Cummins components without having the right expertise & knowledge about the technology, material specifications, and design crucial to performance. Installing non-genuine parts can lead to premature failure, resulting in unplanned downtime and higher repair costs.



Palsvam is a proud Distribution Business Unit of Cummins India and a best-in-class Authorized dealer of Genuine Cummins engines. In addition to high-quality components, Palsvam breakthrough customer service and part support with its extensive network keep your facility running smoothly. With its robust genuine parts supply chain, Palsvam always ensures availability at the point of consumption, so fast-moving parts are available and serviced closer to the customer site.

Palsvam also offers:

1. Regular review to balance changing demand.

2. Easy-to-utilize ‘parts rate contracts’.

3. Priority shipment of broken engine parts in client-convenient lots.

Palsvam, a trusted name in the Genuine Cummins part has a dedicated team of experts who are available 24 hours a day; 365 days a year assist you with any challenges related to your engine and offer you robust support. These experts will also provide training on the operation and maintenance of your engine, so you can work smarter instead of harder.

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