Why Should you choose Recon Engine

Recon DG Set

Cummins Recon Diesel Engine Set

Cummins Recon Engines are a cost-effective solution that will save you a lot
of money and increase your engine performance. Not only is it saves
unexpected repair charges, also a major cost of an overhaul, Recon Engines
meet similar criteria as of brand-new Cummins engines with an extended
performance and life.
Each and every part is disassembled down, minutely cleaned and inspected.
Damaged or worn parts are replaced with the new and genuine ones that
meet the original Cummins specifications.
A sequence extensive inspections and quality checks are carried out to
assure quality and reliability, followed by computerized engine test that
guarantee indispensable and crucial functions like-brand-new Cummins
engines performance.
Why Getting a Recon Engine Worth It?
1. Recon engines are properly maintained from top to bottom and
matches the same lifespan as new Cummins engines, and can run
longer than the average.
2. A Recon engine is less expensive as it saves you as much as 50% of the
cost. It’s more fuel-efficient, and it emits fewer pollutants.
3. A Recon engine has a track record of reliability with the support of an
Extended warranty coverage options available at a reasonable price.
4. Recon Engines provide fast turnaround than the rebuild ones, with no
or minimum unforeseen delays, enabling you to get back on the job
much quicker and increase your efficiency.
5. PAL SVAM Power Solutions provide 100% parts replacement using
only genuine Cummins new and Recon parts and free horsepower and
performance upgrades. For more details, visit:
Getting a rebuilt engine is always the best choice as it’s considerably cost
effective and enables you resuming your job smoothly in no time.

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