DG on Rent

Diesel Generator on Rent

Palsvam has focused on its DG Genset rental service designed to meet the high rental demands of the customers. This can be a cost-effective solution for short-term needs or when sudden power outages occur. Rental generators are available for a variety of uses and applications.

Palsvam rental power generation solutions are developed for different industries such as construction sites, chemical plants, manufacturing units, military, mining, etc. These can be used in emergencies, as well as in planned events like outdoor concerts, festivals, parties, and more. We have rental generators available in different fuel types including diesel and natural gas. These are also available in varying power capacities ranging from 62.5 KVA to 1500 KVA.

Vast Range:

PAL SVAM has a large range of Generator Rentals to suit any requirement (62.5 to 1,500 KVA). The Generators on rent are available for a variety of applications, depending on the customer requirements such as for construction, functions, factory, etc.

Exemplary Quality and Excellent Service Support:

Is assured when Renting a Generator from PALSVAM as we are the authorized dealer for sales and service of Cummins generator sets, and have been in the Generator Industry since 1998. PALSVAM offers certified Cummins generators at competitive rates throughout

Flexible Rental Period:

Generator Rentals are available from a few months to a few years, which makes it very flexible as per your requirement. Customers also have the option of buying the Generator after the expiration of the rental period or they can buy a new generator from us.

Unparalleled Maintenance:

As a pioneer in this niche industry, our customers do not need to worry about Generator Maintenance as it is handled by PAL SVAM’s professional and experienced team. Palsvam provides guaranteed, quick and efficient service. We provide a call Service facility 24/7 so that you never have to remain powerless.

Installation and Training Support:

Our customers need not worry about operator training. Our highly skilled professionals will install the Generator on-site and, train your team about running the equipment efficiently and make sure our customers don’t face any problems in their day-to-day functions while managing the machinery.

Uninterrupted Availability:

The Generators are always available in stock, resulting in fast delivery for your urgent or immediate requirements.

Unmatched Prices:

We have a range of New and Used Generators for all budgets and price requirements.

Customer Buyback Policy:

Customers have an option of buying back the Generator after the rental period is over. We assure you a great price and to provide you a great quality product that you can depend on. Customers can also purchase new Generators from PAL SVAM in case of a change in requirement.

PAL SVAM comes with a 25-year of experience in the Generator industry. PALSVAM Power Solutions Private Limited provides this rental service all over India with a wide range of high-tech DG sets at an affordable price coupled with value-added services- a complete solution that enable our clients in successful and timely completion of projects.

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