Cummins Powergen Dual Fuel Conversion Kit

Cummins Dual Fuel Conversion Kit

Introducing the Cummins Dual Fuel Conversion Kit – Revolutionize Your Engine Efficiency and Savings! Are you looking for an innovative solution to reduce fuel costs and lower emissions without sacrificing performance? Look no further than the Cummins Dual Fuel Conversion Kit. Designed specifically for diesel engines, this cutting-edge technology allows you to seamlessly transition to a cleaner and more cost-effective fuelling option. With the Cummins Dual Fuel Kit Conversion Kit, you can enjoy the benefits of both diesel and natural gas, maximizing your engine efficiency while significantly reducing your operational expenses. By leveraging the power of natural gas alongside diesel, you can achieve substantial fuel savings without compromising on power output or engine reliability. Our conversion kit is engineered with precision to deliver seamless integration and optimal performance. The advanced control system ensures precise fuel delivery, maintaining the perfect balance between diesel and natural gas to achieve the highest levels of efficiency. The result? Reduced fuel costs, lower emissions, and a positive impact on your bottom line. In addition to the financial benefits, the Cummins Dual Fuel Conversion Kit also helps you meet environmental regulations of CAQM. By reducing your carbon footprint and decreasing harmful emissions, you demonstrate your commitment to a greener future while adhering to the statutory compliances of CAQM. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to optimize your engine’s performance and drive your business towards a more sustainable future. Contact us today to learn more about the Cummins Dual Fuel Conversion Kit and how it can transform your operations.

What is Dual Fuel Kit: -

  • Dual Fuelling is simultaneous combustion Methane rich gas (most often Natural gas) with Diesel as fuel.
  • After conversion, the engine can continue to operate with only Diesel also. However, a ‘Gas only’ operation is not possible.
  • During Dual Fuel operation, a reduced quantity of diesel fuel acts as the ignition source for the air-gas mixture.
  • The Methane rich gas mix replaces significant proportion of Diesel to produce equivalent heat energy during combustion in the cylinder.
Powergen Dual Fuel Conversion Kit

Benefits of dual fuel engines: -

  • Flexibility - Can be operated on only diesel in case of non-availability of gas. In case of any DF fault, only DF controller shut off the gas supply and genset will run on diesel only mode.
  • Field conversion is possible from diesel to dual fuel.
  • Reduce the cost of generation - Dual fuel engines deliver financial savings through reduced diesel fuel consumption. Gas is Cheaper than Diesel.
  • Environment protection compared to Diesel engine - Due to clean burning characteristics of Natural Gas, exhaust is cleaner.
  • No power loses or deration - Higher specific power output compared to gas engine and same as diesel engine.
  • Nationwide service network.
  • Low capital cost compared to gas engine
  • Note :- At any time, Dual fuel converted engine can’t be operated with Gas exclusively (100%)

Dual Fuel Working Principle:-

  • The Natural gas used for Dual Fuelling is sourced from either piped gas or from local storage.
  • It is injected into the combustion air stream via a Gas Train consisting of a gas filter, gas pressure regulators and a solenoid valve.
  • A flow control valve at the end of the train controls the proportion of the gas injected through a gas mixture unit.
  • The gas train is designed to accept input gas at low pressure and deliver it to the engine at a slightly negative pressure.
  • In dual fuel mode, natural gas is introduced into the engine’s intake system.
  • The air-to-natural gas mixture is then drawn into the cylinder, just as it would be in a spark-ignited engine, but with a leaner air-to-fuel ratio.
  • Near the end of the compression stroke, diesel fuel is injected and ignites, causing the natural gas to burn.
  • A dual fuel engine can operate on 100 percent diesel fuel or the substitution mixture of diesel and natural gas
  • It delivers the same power density, torque curve and transient response as the base diesel engine.

Dual Fuel Kit Scope components:-

Gas Train: -

  • Gas filter, Pressure regulator, Gas Pressure Gauge, Zero Pressure regulator, Gas shutoff valve and Gas flow adjusting valve
  • Gas piping from gas train to Gas mixer and Gas mixer unit (depends on number of Turbocharger in engine – same qty as Turbo


  • Dual Fuel System delivers fuel gas to the combustion cylinders via the Gas Train into a special Air-Gas Mixer.
  • The mixer is installed on the engine air inlet before the Turbo charger.
  • Combustion is commenced by Diesel as the ignition source and followed by ignition of the Gas


  • Gas pressure sensor and Boost pressure sensor
  • Exhaust gas temperature sensor/s and Intake manifold temperature sensor
  • Vibration sensor/s

Control Panel

  • Controller continuously monitors critical engine parameters through the operation and transitions.
  • It provides safety to the engine while operating in the Dual-fuel mode.
  • PLC, input / output units
  • HMI and switches / buttons/ wirings etc
  • Remote monitoring system - Optional with 3 months free subscription

Dual Fuel Installation requirements:

Gas pipeline connection should be near to Genset, around 6’ space required for installing our kit. Below are the minimum pipe size and model wise end flange chart with an isolation valve. – Customer Scope

S. No. KVA Rating Engine Series Minimum Piping Size Flange Size
1 62.5 - 125 6BT 1” 1” WNRF*
2 140 - 250 6 BT 6CT, QSB,6L 1” 1” WNRF*
3 320 - 400 NTA855, NTA14, QSN14,
QSL9, KTA1150
1” 1” WNRF*
4 500 K19 1.5” 1.5” WNRF
5 500 VTA1710 1.5” 1.5” WNRF
6 625 VTA28 1.5” 1.5” WNRF
7 625 KTAA19G13 &G12 & QSK19 1.5” 1.5” WNRF
8 750 KTA 38G12 & KTA2300 1.5” 1.5” WNRF
9 1010 KTA38G5 & KTA 3067 2” 1.5” WNRF
10 1250 KTA50G3 2” 1.5” WNRF
11 1500 KTA50G8 2” 1.5” WNRF
12 2000 QSK60 2” 1.5” WNRF

Terms & Conditions

Warranty- 18 months from dispatch date from Cummins plant or 12 months from commissioning whichever is earlier.

Delivery- 6-8 weeks from date of receipt of firm workable order.

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