5 Effective Methods to Maintain Your Diesel Generator Set?

DG Maintenance

A diesel generator set can keep your entire business running smoothly and
operating at peak efficiency during a power outage, but only if it is in pristine
condition. This means it must be in good working order and well maintained
regularly. There are many steps you can take, but here are five effective methods
that will allow you to maintain your diesel generator set in the safest and most
efficient way possible.
1-Perform Daily Routine Checks
Before using your diesel generator set each day, it's important to perform some
routine maintenance checks. This will help ensure that your DG set is in good
working order and can help prevent any potential problems. Some of the things
you should check include the oil level, coolant level, and fuel level, battery
charging etc.
2-Inspect Belts, Hoses and Air Filters
As you know Rubber parts start getting damaged after certain period. These parts
need replacement at least in 2 years or whenever required. Inspecting belts, hoses
an important part of the maintenance work of the DG Sets. If any of these parts are
worn or damaged, they can cause the engine failure and breakdowns.
3-Start the generator frequently and keep a log of the hours on your unit after
each run. Keep this information in an accessible file with records of any service or
maintenance performed. This helps optimize service life and provides a basis for
supporting warranty claims when needed.

4-Check Electrical Connections & Control Panel for Any
Damage/Faulty Part
It is important to check all the electrical connections and control panel components
regularly as part of your DG set maintenance work. It is also recommended that
you avoid blowing out compressed air near electrical wiring because this might
lead to electric shock.
5- Use the recommended diesel oil grade and fuels

The oil used in your DG set must meet the requirements specified in the engine
manual. It is important to use only the recommended grade to prevent oil damage
to the engine that may result from using other types of diesel or unleaded fuels.

Contact us (Pal Svam) for maintenance, replacement or repair of emission control
devices and systems. Signing up for a planned maintenance program can help
ensure your generator is ready to perform when you need it most.

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